Once the holiday season begins, Christmas light installation in your home is probably on your long list of things to do. Believe it or not, putting up those festive lights can actually be more dangerous than you might think. The following tips can help to keep you and your family safe this Christmas.

Use Proper Equipment

Only use lights certified for outdoor use. Christmas lights should have a label on the box indicating whether or not they are safe to use outdoors. Indoor lights are not able to stand up to the extremes of winter weather. They are also not strong enough to be safely used outside. Make sure you clearly label your indoor and outdoor lights when storing them away after the holiday season is over.

If It’s Old, Replace It

Discard your damaged lights or those you may have been using for more than 5 years. Check the amount of heat being emitted from the lights. If there is a lot of heat coming off of them, then your lights are old and should be thrown away.

Don’t use nails, screws or tacks in your Christmas light installation. Instead, use insulated hooks so that you don’t run the risk of puncturing the cord and causing an electric shock. You can minimize the possibility of injury by wearing a utility belt to carry all the essential tools and other items needed to install your lighting.

Examine Electrical Sources

Don’t allow extension cord plugs to trail on the ground. Use a brick or similar object to support the plug, and to avoid causing a short circuit. To avoid potential malfunction caused by rain or snow, you can use plastic sheeting to cover your extension cord plugs. Secure the cords safely and firmly to the ground using tape, to prevent trips and falls.

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