As the holiday season approaches, the magical transformation of neighborhoods with colorful lights and decorations is a cherished tradition. While South Florida and New Jersey may seem worlds apart in terms of climate and holiday vibes, both regions share a deep love for festive illumination. In this blog, we will explore the holiday lighting trends in these two diverse regions, shedding light on the enchanting variations that cater to seasonal celebrations and year-round elegance. We’ll also delve into the concept of inception lighting, a unique twist on holiday decor that adds a permanent touch of magic to homes. We will also explore the unique concept of inception lighting, which allows you to seamlessly transition between holiday magic and permanent beauty, all with the help of Christmas Lights by AMCO.


Seasonal Sparkle

South Florida:

South Floridians embrace palm tree lighting with creative flair, and Christmas Lights by AMCO offers weather-resistant LED string lights that can withstand the elements, ensuring your palm trees twinkle with tropical holiday charm. For boat parades in South Florida, AMCO’s marine-grade lights are designed to endure water and salt exposure while adding a festive touch to boats.

The Sunshine State might not experience a white Christmas, but its residents are experts in transforming the tropical landscape into a winter wonderland. Popular holiday lighting trends in South Florida include:

  1. Palm Tree Lighting: Instead of traditional Christmas trees, South Floridians often decorate their palm trees with colorful string lights, creating a unique and tropical holiday aesthetic.
  2. Boat Parades: Given the abundance of waterways, boat parades are a beloved tradition. Residents adorn their boats with vibrant lights, creating a shimmering spectacle along the coastlines.
  3. Luminaria Walkways: Luminarias, or paper lanterns, line pathways and driveways, casting a warm and inviting glow.

New Jersey:

In New Jersey, classic outdoor displays are a beloved tradition, and AMCO provides a wide range of classic lighting options, including icicle lights and incandescent string lights, evoking a nostalgic holiday feel. For those engaging in friendly neighborhood competitions, AMCO offers specialty lights such as chasing lights and programmable LEDs to create creative displays and eye-catching effects that are sure to impress. To adorn historic town areas, AMCO’s elegant and energy-efficient lighting solutions complement the charm of these locations while reducing energy consumption.

In contrast, New Jersey residents often experience a white Christmas, and their holiday lighting trends reflect a more traditional, winter wonderland vibe:

  1. Classic Outdoor Displays: In New Jersey, you’ll find traditional outdoor displays, including icicle lights, inflatable characters, and wreaths, that evoke the essence of a winter wonderland.
  2. Neighborhood Competitions: Friendly competitions between neighbors for the best-decorated house are common, encouraging creativity and enthusiasm for holiday lighting.
  3. Historic Town Decorations: Many towns and cities in New Jersey decorate their main streets and historic areas with elegant, timeless lighting displays.


Year-Round Elegance

AMCO offers landscape lighting with durable fixtures and energy-efficient LED bulbs, designed for long-term use to illuminate your garden and architectural elements all year round. Their pathway lighting combines durability and style, enhancing safety and aesthetics in your outdoor spaces, while their permanent patio and deck lighting solutions create inviting and functional areas for year-round enjoyment, adding warmth and character to your outdoor entertainment spaces.

While the holiday season is all about temporary festive decor, some homeowners in South Florida and New Jersey prefer to embrace year-round elegance through permanent lighting installations:

  1. Landscape Lighting: Both regions offer favorable climates for year-round outdoor living. Homeowners often invest in landscape lighting to highlight their gardens, trees, and architectural features, creating a welcoming ambiance every evening.
  2. Pathway Lighting: Permanent pathway lighting adds safety and charm to homes, allowing residents and visitors to navigate outdoor spaces comfortably.
  3. Patio and Deck Lighting: Outdoor entertainment areas are popular in South Florida and New Jersey. Permanent patio and deck lighting options make these spaces inviting and functional at all times.


Inception Lighting


Christmas Lights by AMCO offers programmable RGB lighting for customizable colors and effects, allowing you to switch between holiday and everyday lighting with a simple smartphone tap. Their programmable tree lights create holiday magic and transform into a versatile year-round display with color and effect options. AMCO’s discreet fixtures and wiring solutions make transitioning between holiday and permanent lighting effortless, maintaining a sleek and uncluttered appearance.

Inception lighting is a concept that combines seasonal holiday lighting with permanent installations, offering homeowners the best of both worlds. The idea is to incorporate elements that can be seamlessly integrated into holiday displays while remaining functional and attractive throughout the year:

  1. Programmable RGB Lighting: Smart LED lighting strips or bulbs can be installed along eaves, fences, or architectural features. These lights can change colors, allowing homeowners to switch from festive red and green to more subtle tones for everyday use.
  2. Twinkling Trees: Trees with programmable lighting can transition from holiday-themed to a warm and welcoming glow suitable for year-round enjoyment.
  3. Hidden Wiring: Concealing wiring and fixtures within architectural elements or landscaping allows for easy transformation from holiday lighting to permanent elegance without the need for extensive installations each season.


South Florida and New Jersey share a love for the holiday season, albeit with distinct regional characteristics. The magic of holiday lighting brings warmth and cheer during the festive months, while year-round elegance offers an opportunity to enjoy the charm of lighting throughout the year. With Christmas Lights by AMCO, you can seamlessly transition between holiday celebrations and the timeless charm of permanent lighting installations. AMCO’s versatile and high-quality lighting solutions ensure that your home shines brilliantly year-round, capturing the spirit of the season in every sense of the word. Embrace the magic and let AMCO light up your holidays and your everyday life.