After the holiday season, most of us pack up all of our outdoor Christmas lights and forget about them till the following year. However, you may want to unpack some of those lights during the off-season. You may be surprised at how many uses that “seasonal” lighting has during the warmer months of the year. Let’s some great ways to utilize outdoor Christmas lights all year long.

Wedding Decor

While the middle of the winter may be when we usually think of using outdoor Christmas lights, it’s definitely not the right time for an outdoor wedding. The fresh air and sunshine of the warmer months provide a great vibe for a wedding – but what happens after the sun goes down? Far too many soon-to-be spouses rely on spotlights and other functional lighting sources for their wedding. While they serve their purpose, these lights don’t create the most charming atmosphere. Outdoor Christmas lights can be hung on trees, strung across walkways and even used to decorate the wedding arbor. They can also look great as a backdrop for tables at the wedding.


Porch Lighting

With all of the cookouts and get-togethers scattered throughout the warmer months, you may be entertaining quite a few guests. With all this company, you’ll want to create an outdoor space that is as inviting as possible. Hanging outdoor Christmas lights around your porch is a great way to add some charm to your outdoor space while lighting up the area. Christmas lights can illuminate your porch and keep the party going long after the sun goes down.

Swimming Pool Lighting

In the middle of a hot summer, just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the heat will. Pool owners can escape the heat with a dip in the pool – but the dark of night is not an ideal swimming environment. While many swimming pools have lights installed under the water, it is always better to have the entire pool area illuminated.

Outdoor Christmas lights are a great way to light up your pool for a nighttime swim. Stringing lights around the pool deck is the perfect way to get more out of your outdoor living space throughout the night. Keep in mind that there are potential dangers that arise when using electricity anywhere near a swimming pool. For this reason, you should definitely have a professional take care of the installation.

Outdoor Walkways

Using outdoor Christmas lights along and above walkways throughout your yard to enjoy your outdoor living space well into the evening hours. Many homeowners use harsh floodlights to light up their yard. While this may do the job, it doesn’t create the best aesthetic. Lining walkways with lighting offers a more appealing way of lighting the way across your property. This not only looks great, but it makes it easier to move across your yard safely when the sun goes down. However, properly lighting up your walkways can be difficult and making it look good is even harder. It’s best to let professionals light the way.


Using Outdoor Christmas Lights All Year Long

These are just a few great ways to use outdoor Christmas lights throughout the entire year. While some of these may seem like simple DIY projects, using lights properly can quickly become complicated. It’s best to go to the professionals.

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