Have you have never considered the colors of your holiday lights installation and what it says to your friends, family and neighbors? Researchers say that the colors you select for your holiday lights can tell a lot about our subconscious.

White Light Symbolism

Translucent or white lights are typically associated with people who enjoy being with co-workers and family during celebrations. White lights are also used by individuals who want to be fair when attempting to make decisions or move on from their past. Most likely it is because the color white represents equality, purity, and innocence.

Green Light Symbolism

Green symbolizes nature. Those who love the outdoors usually choose green as their favorite color and subsequently use green lights in their holiday lights installation. Many individuals believe that green has a relaxing and calming effect and has the ability to remove stress. The color green represents good luck, health, revitalization, and serenity.

Blue Light Symbolism

Often associated with tranquility and peace, blue is also viewed as a masculine color. It is commonly used in businesses, offices, and schools because of its link to productivity.

Purple Light Symbolism

Two similar colors are violet and purple. Those who favor them tend to have vibrant imaginations and a strong grip on their emotions. Throughout history, these colors represented wealth and royalty. Violet and purple also share an association with wisdom and spirituality.

Red Light Symbolism

For love, contentment and passion, choose a holiday lights installation that uses red lights. People who favor this color are often fierce, high functioning, energetic and emotional.

Many people like to interpret the psychology and meanings of favorite colors. Of course, these findings do not pertain to everyone. Whatever color your favorite holiday lights may be, Christmas Lights by AMCO will provide you with excellent service and a unique design for your holiday lights installation. Go ahead, turn your home/business and landscape into a holiday star!

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