Now that the Christmas season has come and gone, now comes the hard part – taking down your beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations! Not only is it a bummer that the happiest time of the year is over, but uninstalling Christmas lights and decorations can be a pain. Having your outdoor Christmas lights set up too long can be tacky and some homeowner associations will ban it entirely. While you may be tempted to take care of things yourself, letting the professionals uninstall everything is beneficial for several reasons. Give yourself a break this post-holiday season!

Safe Disassembly

While many people are aware that installing Christmas lights and decorations can be dangerous, for some reason the same caution is not always applied when taking them down. In reality, removing outdoor Christmas decorations causes more injuries every year than setting them up. The weather in January is colder and often accompanied by more snow and ice than when the lights were installed, usually soon after Thanksgiving. Icy roofs and pavement make it more likely for someone to slip or the ladder to give out, potentially causing serious injury or worse. Also, many people taking the DIY approach see uninstallation as a quick process of just ‘pulling the lights down.’ This often causes people to rush, putting them at risk. A professional Christmas light installer/uninstaller has the training, equipment, and experience necessary to safely and efficiently take down your outdoor Christmas decorations.


Proper Disassembly

Another problem that arises from DIY Christmas decoration disassembly is damage occurring to either the building or the decorations. Improper disassembly can lead to property damage or damage to the decorations themselves. The last thing you want after the expenses of the holiday season is to spend more money on repairs or new decorations. Professionals will take their time to carefully uninstall everything the right way and will have insurance protection in place in case anything goes wrong.

Storing Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Whether it be a personal residence or a business location it can be difficult finding storage for decorations and lighting. How much space can you really spare for lighting and decorations you won’t touch for another 11 months? Even if you have space, wires get tangled and the whole thing can become one huge mess and break the lights. If you have Christmas lights professionally installed, they will use their own high-quality equipment. Once the holidays are over, they will properly take everything down and bring the outdoor Christmas decorations with them.

Save Time and Energy

Throughout the holiday season, you rush around getting gifts, entertaining guests and preparing for the new year. After all that work, don’t you think it’s time to give yourself a break? Hiring professionals to remove your outdoor Christmas decorations takes a huge weight off your shoulders and allows you to focus on what’s important.


Call The Experts

Ready to have your outdoor Christmas decorations removed for the season? Go with the experts at Christmas Lights by Amco. In addition to residential and commercial Christmas lighting, we also offer Chanukah, Ramadan and holiday event lighting. Don’t forget, the holiday season will back before you know it! We’ll make sure next year’s holidays go smoothly and safely!

The professional lighting experts will create a unique Christmas light design which promises to be the best on your street, while at the same time ensuring a display that is safe and durable. We only use top of the line commercial-grade products that are much brighter and much more durable than what is available in stores and through online sources. Contact us at 1(888)-593-4948 today for all your holiday lighting needs in New Jersey, New York, and South Florida.