Have you grown weary of the same old color scheme every Christmas, which is usually red and green and more red? Then experiment with an alternative color scheme as you prepare your holiday decorations for this season.

Parchment and White
This Holiday season the trend is to use other colors apart from the traditional green and red. You can add a soft earthy tone if you use natural colors such as browns, beiges, creams and white, as you acquire your Christmas decorations. This will result in an understated elegance to your space. Wooden pieces and burlap can be included in your holiday lights installation as well.

Kelly Green, Baby Blue, and White
This combination of colors may seem weird to you but it actually fits in perfectly for Christmas. The proportion to use would be about 2/3 white to 1/3 color. To provide additional balance, you can use a white tree or table cloth to create a decor with a wintry appearance.

Blue, Silver and White
Is more color needed in your winter decor? Then pair different shades of blue with silver and white, as these three colors result in a frosty, snowy look to your Christmas decorations.

To create an elegant and classy feel in your home for the winter, use white and gold holiday decorations. Also, a more contemporary scheme involves the use of gold and silver together, however this appeals to persons with traditional tastes. To add a little pizzazz incorporate some other colors such as metallic red, pewter, blue or pink.

Brown, Violet, White, and Bronze
The use of brown, bronze, violet, and white gives a more masculine feel for your Holiday decorations. Brown and bronze can be used as the main colors to balance this scheme, and violet can be used as the accent color against the backdrop of a white tree. An excellent tip is to use pinecones as ornaments as this will help to incorporate the brown color.

The use of alternative color schemes creates a new ambiance and scenery for both your family and friends to enjoy along with you. All around you will see green and red so try something different and unique. If you decide to utilize these schemes in your outdoor holiday decorations, then Christmas Lights by AMCO can provide great assistance! You can incorporate all these colors in your indoor and outdoor holiday lights installation.

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