Our professionalism is truly second to none and our decorators are well versed in the requirements of a world-class holiday installation.

  • Extensive Design Training – All of our decorators go through an extensive design training program to ensure they can provide the best service possible to our customers.
  • Comprehensive Electrical Instruction – Our decorators are taught how to handle the complexities of electrical lighting for your design needs.
  • Precise installation Methods and Techniques – Our installation methods ensure that your Christmas decorations looks great all season!
  • Annual Continuing Education – Continuing education for our team means that everyone is kept up to date on the latest in design, safety, and installation methods.
  • Thorough Ladder & Roof Safety – Our team is thoroughly trained in all aspects of maintaining a safe work environment.
  • Strict Electrical Safety Measures – We take safety very seriously, and as such we make sure to take all precautions when it comes to working with electricity.
  • Courteous, Uniformed Crews – Customer service is extremely important to us. We want you to have a great experience with our team! Our crews will always be friendly and courteous.
  • Completely Insured – No need to worry, we are completely insured!
  • Local Service With National Support – We are your local branch of a nationally backed company. We have the support and knowledge of a giant in the industry behind us, so you know we will always provide the best quality work!

Premium Products

We work with commercial grade decorations, so they look better for longer than anything you will buy at the store. The best part is you will not have to deal with the box of tangled half burned-out lights in the garage. You will immediately notice the difference in our products as we go to great lengths to ensure that only the very best products are used on your property. We have done all of the homework to ensure your display is safe and that your property stays shining brightly throughout the holiday season. Consistency from Season to Season Energy Friendly LED Lights Super-Bright Bulbs Property-Friendly Fasteners Lush, Realistic Greenery (Lit & Unlit) Safe, Commercial-Grade Electrical Components UL-Rated, Outdoor Extension Cords.

Imagine the Possibilities

Click on the options in the upper left-hand corner of the picture below to get an idea of the possibilities that a professional Holiday Lighting installation can do for you this Holiday Season. We offer it all, including roof lighting, tree and shrub lighting, window lighting, ground lighting, and specialty lighting such as wreaths and yard decorations. We handle everything for you! Estimates are always FREE – click here to get started.